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Aug 21, 2013
I checked the chickens today and when I went to collect the eggs I found an egg with no shell. The other egg had a very soft shell which was squishy. The chickens have just started laying about 3 weeks ago. Are these eggs normal or am I doing something wrong
They might need more calcium! Are they on egg-layer feed? And have free access to oyster shells? I provide both for my chickens.

Though- I did have an issue a couple weeks ago where one of my chickens laid three shell-less eggs in a day.. and kept laying them for a couple weeks. My chickens get ahold of them and eat them :/

So I'm pretty curious if anyone else has anything else to say about it. I didn't find anything except for "do they have enough oyster shells?" and whatnot.
I am giving them laying pellets but not oyster shell I will get some tomorrow. Today I got 3 eggs this afternoon
It is normal for the young pullets to lay eggs without shells, their plumbing is working out any kinks. But you can crush eggshells and feed them back to your chickens to help with the no shell eggs. I keep oyster shell available to mine at all times and feed the shells back to them as well.

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