Eggsarean Birth problem..

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    Jul 11, 2014
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    I hate to perform Eggsarean birth, I figure let the chick fight his way out of possible. I have one I let stay in the egg too long.

    I finally helped it out and it escaped the normal twisted neck and or leg problems, and is extremely active and healthy, except her fluff does not fluff.

    I have tried wetting and drying her, I even used shampoo and some of my DW's best conditioner and it will not fluff out.

    I have moved all her hatch mates to the MHP brooder but I do not dare move her because of her lack of fluff, I am afraid she will freeze without fluff.

    Any Ideas..

    Also using my DW's conditioner is not for public consumption, she would not like my having done that... Even though she looks wet she is dry in these pictures..


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    I had to wait for mine to molt her first fluff before she looked properly fluffy, but mine was not as sticky looking.

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