Eggyman!'s Gudie To Rasing Baby Chicks To Adult Roosters ,and Hens


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Dec 2, 2011
Step 1/ Must Already Have A Box Or Plastic Box With Heat Lamp /////non Red/////.step 2/ Must Have Chick Crumbles Or Flockrasier. Step 3/ Must Have Fresh Water At All Times. Step 4/ Must Already Have A Chick Waterer ,and Feeder / Step 5/ When Chicks Hatch Or Arrive In The Mail Take The Chicks Place Them Under Heat Lamp It Temp Must Be 90 To 100 In Temp. Step 6 / Must Bring Down Temp After 2 Weeks Bring Temp Ten Degrees From 100 To 90 Then The Next Week Bring The Temp Down Another 10 Degrees And Keep Doing So Until Room Temp. Step 7 Make Sure To Make A Chicken Coop Or Cage Or Buy Them Est Cost Of Chicken Coop That Hold Up To 6 Chickens. Least Amount Of Cost Would Cost Around $200.00 Or If You Make A Cage It Would Be A Lot Cheaper Than Buying A Cost A Lot Coop. [that Was Eggyman!'s Guide To Rasing Baby Chicks To Adult Hood] //////eggyman!'s Tip///////[do Not Keep 2 Or More Roosters Together Or They Will Fight To The Death]

Wow! My eyes did this when I clicked this thread----->
It is a bit hard to read.

It looks like you have the basics listed. Although some things will vary a bit from person to person. I see you specified no red lamps.....many of us use red to prevent the chicks from pecking.

The one point I strongly disagree on is the rooster tip. I have 7 roos. 5 freerange together, sleep together, and eat together. Apart from plucking a few tail feathers while they work the pecking order, they get along nicely. I think it depends on the personalities of the roosters involved.
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Thanks Eggy man!, it put a smile on my face., lol, to read thru the list.
Nice and concise.

I prefer to not mess with the light. The chicks can move away from the light as they need to. Or decrease the temps by 5 degrees a week. I've done both.

My roosters generally get along. A few face to face stand offs. THey have plenty of space to call their own with their own group of girls. All LF; maybe that makes a difference.

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