Electric Tape-Rope-Twine- Wire on top of pen?????

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    I have electric doors for my coop which I love, however several of my chickens are getting over the fence in the morning before I let them out of the pen for the day. (I have a Labrador who loves to retrieve, so this could be an issue, if a chicken got over the fence and she was loose) I would like to put some sort of Electric Tape-Rope-Twine- Wire on top of the fencing to keep them in, as well as deter any critters from trying to get in my runs at night. (in case doors didn't shut for some reason) Will putting electric on top of the pen help keep the chickens in, and does anyone have any specific instructions? Coop is fairly lock tight, but not the runs at this point. I don't want to clip wings as I am doing some showing, and covering the whole system of pens won't work right now.




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    I would suggest some kind of netting, but if that isn't possible a friend of mine has success with string from the top of one side of the run to the other, then she ties some short pieces of cloth or ribbon. she does rows of this a couple of feet apart. seems to stop them from flying over the fence and deters large birds of prey from snacking on her flock. we have large bald eages here..alot of them. good luck :)
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  3. I would second the flight netting, you can get the cheaper light gauge stuff and it won't cost much upfront... It won't protect from night time predators but it will stop the chickens from jumping the fence and also protect from birds of prey...

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