Elliot The Rooster That Lives In The House

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    Jun 27, 2012
    It started on April 19th, 2013 when driving home with my dad I saw a rooster on the side of the road. We pulled over, picked him up, got back into the truck and drove down the road to a farm. We assumed that this beautiful white rooster with a frostbitten comb was the farmer's. He claimed that it wasn't though and he said that someone else had already stopped in and asked. As we stood there listening to the farmer comment on how large his comb was the rooster fell asleep in my arms. He said that he would keep the rooster but my dad and I made the silent agreement that we would take him home. We got back in the truck where the rooster proceeded to crow which was ear-piercing to say the least. We took the bird home with us and set him in the garage with some food (provided by the farmer) and water. I sat with him in the garage and he fell asleep in my arms, then on my legs, multiple times each. This worried me a lot, considering at my mom's house I had my beloved turkeys and guineas that I could not imagine dying; especially from some disease that I brought to them. I checked the rooster over and then I checked him over again. He seemed fine except for the fact that he was a little underweight had frostbite and the narcolepsy. I figured that he was just exhausted from walking from who-knows-where and not having food for who-knows how long. [​IMG]
    My dad had joked around saying that I could let the rooster sleep in my room. Well, I wasn't 100% sure that he was kidding so I covered my entire room in bed sheets and brought him in. He slept on my legs for half the night and then on my bookcase for the other half. He didn't crow in the morning but my dad was surprised when I emerged from my room with the rooster.
    The next day we dropped him off at my mom's house in a shed separated from the other birds. I decided that we would keep him for a few days and see how it went. I named him Elliot
    Time went on, he began attacking people, he was introduced to the other birds without a problem, there were threats that he would have to go and tears when it almost happened. However, we all learned to love the bird (besides my step-dad who he still attacks.)
    (How could you resist this handsome face :) )

    Winter came and Elliot's comb started to get a little pale. I started bringing him inside the house, eventually my much younger sisters got used to it and so did my mom. We put the heat lamp up in the coop but it was still progressing, so one day we built him an enclosure under the stairs in the basement. Now this is where he stays most of his time. When it gets warm enough I take him outside to eat some dirt (if any is visible) but he is only interested for a bit and then wants to go back inside. I try to let him wander around upstairs for at least an hour a day or however long I have time for. A lot of the time he is upstairs for a majority of the day though. One day I only let him up for 5 minutes (I wanted to spend time with him but I was very busy) and when I put him back downstairs he threw a tantrum. He 'bocked' like crazy as if he was hurt, so I ran back downstairs to see that he was actually fine. I went back upstairs and he continued his tantrum for another 5-10 minutes! I couldn't believe it. He begs too, I can't eat in front of him unless I expect to share. If I don't share he makes his dinosaur noises. He loves to stand on me and wipe his beak on me too.
    I truly adore him.
    As odd as it sounds this bird is my best friend <3
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    Elliot is a very lucky rooster!
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    Apr 26, 2011
    what a lovely story.thanks for sharing.
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    Jan 27, 2013
    I feel the same way about a couple of my hens.But,noway they are coming inside the house.Wife you know.
    I like your story about your love for an animal though.
    By the way,I see that you live in Maine.We try to get there once a year and I know how cold it can get.
    Good luck with your rooster.
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    Beautiful story! And he looks fantastic now. Must be all the lovin' he gets! [​IMG]
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    Elliot was lucky to be found by the right people. What a big comb! I like his yellow ear lobes. I love roosters - they are such characters.
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    Awwwwwww. [​IMG] Elliot is a very lucky boy to have you. He's magnificent, I agree, how could you resist? Thanks for the cute story. Keep on loving that handsome guy! [​IMG]

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