Emaciated chicken with a pale comb and equilibrium is off.

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    Hey, my friends I really need your help. A friend of mine is have trouble with his girl. His question is as follows:

    Went out this morning to feed/water hens. All were good except for "Big Red". When she came through the doorway, she acted like she had been drinking. A Nicky happened to be at my house, and she picked "Red" up and realized she was extremely emaciated, as well as, not able to hardly walk without falling over sideways.

    "Red" appeared to be fine yesterday. So I have no idea what's happened to her?? I saw her eat some tomato this morning, and we've given her some yogurt too! Also, "Red" and another hen had a run-in with one of my dog (a Boxer) several days back, but neither appeared harmed at the time, or days after. Not even sure my dog got hold of them! One last thing is that I have seen some droppings that were clear, with yellowish center on the concrete floor, but not sure who's poo it is ( could have been any of four hens ).

    Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for your assistance....
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    How old is she? Can you post a picture of her droppings? She could be just dehydrated, but coccidiosis or something else could be a problem. Yellow droppings can be a sign of coccidiosis, especially if there is mucus, but egg yolk peritonitis or E.coli can also can light yellow or bright yellow droppings. Give her some water with electrolytes, and offer feed mixed with water and some raw or cooked egg. If she is young, and you suspect coccidiosis, get some Corid and put in her water. Symptoms can include weakness, lethargy, not eating, puffed up or hunched posture, and runny stools with mucus or blood.
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    I believe she's 2 years old. I'll try and get a picture of her poo.

    Thank you for you help. We're really worried about her.
  4. NickyKnack

    NickyKnack Love is Silkie soft!

    News from my friend about Big Red this morning. His text as follows :

    I Just got in from feeding Big Red. First, she's alive.[​IMG]. I fed her her yogurt, and she seemed pretty alert. She had a little poo on her but, but I'm sure it was on there yesterday afternoon. Cleaned her up the best I could.

    Looked around the pen, and I swear, there wasn't a drop of poo anywhere (that I could see). Last night I mashed up an egg and she ate some of it. This morning there was still about 2/3 of it left in the saucer.

    So..... I don't have a photo to send you yet. Will check on her again in a few hours!

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