Emaciated Sneezing Hen

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    My little Buff Brahma was only a couple of months old when I got her, Shes probably about 4mos old now. She is very thin and is at the bottom of the pecking order. I have not seen any diarrhea, she eats when she can get to the food. I try to always make sure she gets food. She just doesnt seem to gain weight. I put some apple vinegar in the chicken's water sbout 2 weeks ago. They have drank all of that. All my other ones are doing fine, except for the dampness from the rain.
    Today though I found her sneezing(?) and then shaking. I knew it would be cold tonight so I brought her in. She is in a big dog crate in the bedroom with water and reg. chicken feed. She just stood there like she was in shock for a long time, I left the light on for her and she seemed to come around. I went about 6pm and turned the light off. She was on her little perch I made her. Im thinking of buying some starter feed and giving her that. I would have thought she would be laying now but shes not, nor is another buff brahma I have, shes about 8 mos old. I havent seen worms either. Any suggestions about what to give her? I washed her backside in warm water, it was pretty crusty, her vent looks fine and felt empty. She lots of broken feathers on her back and backside. I think the rooster would'nt let her rest and maybe she was/is to young? I dont know what to do.

    Ok I borrowed a metal crate for her, she likes that better than the dog crate. I gave her some medicated start and grow and fresh water. She had a little treat this AM of sunflower seeds, corn and grit. She ate most of it and attacked the S&G like she was starving. I bought some Wazine, how much should I put in how much water. Shes in a crate so she will not be getting a gallon jug of water?
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    I would check for mites by the vent and under wings. Worm her too. Could be CRD because the sneezing. A respitory issue. Tylan 50 injectable in the neck 3-5 days or denagard for week to 10 days. Cheapent would be tylan and you can get it at the farm store, Keep her away from the others. Im no Dr but that what I would do.

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