Embden gander "loves" me ...is this normal?


12 Years
Nov 7, 2007
I have a pair of Embden Geese that have been pended with 5 ducks .. Bruce and Joan are their names ...named after the couple that gave me the eggs ...I hatched out both last June ...and over the winter Everytime Bruce hissed or came towards me with his wings open I would pick him up and carry him around while I finished my chores...now the bugger hisses at me then rubs his neck on my leg and " jumps" on my leg ....Yikes .......Is this normal ... am I imagining things ....I have seen him start to get frisky with Joan ...is he just trying to figure out things ...I was picking him up because I didnt want him to be mean when young kids are over .....should I just ignore it ...????
Sorry. I have a pair of Embdens I babied as they grew, but I never could coddle the gander like the goose. She would allow me to pick her up and hold her, but he always avoided me. When my Linus hisses at me, I know it is breeding time and not to touch his Lucy.

I really don't know if he is loving on you or flogging you (as in beating you away from his territory). Sorry.
Hmmmm!!! I have a big Tolouse gander and an Embden femaile, along with a couple of (probably) young male African geese........ I got them all last year, and at first the Tolouse was pretty aggressive. I was told to never turn my back on them or to back off, but rather make myself look big, take a step towrds them and say NO! And to warn all workers or people who might be out near them to do the same. It has worked! They are all very docile now, (I don't pick them up.........) but I herd them in at night and can feed them from my hands Icarefully!)...... The key was to stay boss.
Yes I did the name thing ....making my self bigger etc ...but he was still coming towards me so I just picked him up ...lol! and yes when I go into there yard he first hisses at me then stands next to me checking out my jeans ....almost like preening and then he rubs his neck on my legs and then jumps on my boots ....but he still loves his Joan ...hm?
I have a White Chinese gander that was imprinted on humans. He has not paired with a female since we got him, despite being "given" many chances. He thinks that he is my mate. (or the mate of any female human really.) Everytime I'm near him he honks and runs his head on my legs. In mating season he can get a bit more passionate.
He defends me from my husband, who he believes is an interloper trying to steal me away from him.

We do pick our other geese up when they get too aggressive/ cross the line with being dominant. During mating season I know that they can't help it, I don't pick them up for being hissy around their nest or mate. I don't think picking up your gander causes his LOVE for you. I think he is imprinted on you and is transitioning to be an adult male goose. He is probably a little confused right now because it is his first mating season. Once the female goes to nesting he will probably adjust his focus on her full-time.

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