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    Jun 9, 2008
    sorry I dont remember who wanted to see these but I figured they might be better in their own thread so any who dont want to see them dont have to. As sad as they are I still think they are cool. This dosnt gross me out at all but I realize it might some people. We have documented all our eggs & the dc are making a book for our school project. These are some of the clearest pictures.

    this one obviously didnt make it too far [​IMG]

    another not very far

    my guess was this one made it about 15 days??? 3 different angles so you can see the veins & stuff



    This is the one that we thought was dead but wasnt [​IMG] It was so perfectly formed & it was moving & kicking & everything [​IMG]


    This was a Welsummer egg


    This egg came from my uncles chickens. Hen was a white silkie & Rooster was a RIR/Barred Rock cross I believe


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    Mar 15, 2008
    That is very cool. Interesting to see the progression of a chick's formation and the size ratio.
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    Very interesting. Thanks for posting.
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    I have a poster I got from Hy-Line feed for free with each of the 21 days. My preschool kids thought it was gross but cool - they don't connect that the embryo had to be dead to get that picture. It doesn't show them with the yolk or egg shell.
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    Great link! I wanted to know how it looked inside. Not gross, very interesting!
  7. That is very interesting.
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    Mar 3, 2008
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    These are especially nice when eating an omlet, like I am right now [​IMG]

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