Emerald The Broody Update and Pic


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9 Years
Oct 12, 2010
Emerald has been broody for a while now.
I attempted to contact someone local who sells eggs, but they never responded to my e-mails.
Having looked into auctions and other ways to mail for eggs, it just didn't seem worth the effort and the time .. not to mention the money.
As a result, today I followed the sounds of crowing, to a house in my neighborhood, and met a nice couple who vastly out do my excess number of chickens... and of coarse, they have at least one rooster.
I offered to pay them for eggs but they refused my money and gave me a few.
I don't really know what these are, mutts I imagine; what I saw of their chickens were bantys, but I think they may have had a couple larger ones, not sure.
A couple of the eggs are just as large as our eggs.

So far Emerald has not repositioned the eggs and put them under her, but we shall see.

The pic:
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