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I have a young Barred-Rock, I believe she is approximately 16 weeks, and she has suddenly come down with something awful. My Dad came home from work (I am only a teen) and had said she was lethargic and not really moving. When my Mom and I came home, she was even worse. It had only been two hours and my dad said she is twice as bad. She was perfectly fine yesterday, and even early in the day she was more awake, although she was still not moving around. When I picked her up so we could separate her, a watery fluid with a very pale yellowish-green hue to it spilled out of her beak. As I was carrying her up to the house, it continued to drip from the tip of her beak. She is hanging her head and not even opening her eyes. I honestly feel she is close to death, but if there is anything we can do to save her, please, let me know. We applied some VetRX to her head and had her in a steaming bathroom for half an hour to try and ease her labored breathing (yet another symptom) ans she is still the same. WE had sprayed pyrethrin (I'm not sure if that's how you spell it...) to get rid of some possible mites and lice, but waited awhile to put them all back in the coop. Is it possible she was poisoned, or maybe got into something hazardous? The other eight who share the coop (All about 16 weeks) with her are fine. Any answers, ideas, or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you so much everybody.
P.S. I just remembered, she was sort of shivering, but it wasn't constant. It was every now and then she would shake, and then stop. We are attempting to keep her warm by keeping her in the warm bathroom. Thanks again everyone.
It sounds like she could have sour crop. Does her breath smell bad? You could separate her and give her liquid nutrition for a day or two like vegetable broth and maybe plain white rice with some plain yogurt mixed in. You could try briefly and carefully tipping her forward to empty the crop a bit before you get started. Don't do it more than a couple times. It can be a little tricky because they can aspirate on it.

I don't think the permethrin is the problem. I would suspect botulism first. But she's got a full crop so I'm thinking sour crop or some type of blockage further down. The liquid or easy to digest diet (with the yogurt) should help if anything. There is a molasses flush for botulism. I'm not sure I'd do it right now if the crop is sour it's because of yeast and sugar will make it worse. Right now I'd empty her and do the liquid yogurt diet.

There is a drug for this but it needs a prescription. There may be some work arounds (I'm no expert though). Start here and see how it goes. Keep us posted.
Here is what I told someone else who's hen probably had an impacted crop - it could account for the liquid coming out her beak Hope it helps! MW

P.S., I had a hen like that, the only difference is she didn't have anything respiratory. Feel her crop and make sure there isn't a hard lump in there of any size - Yogurt is good, also oil. In the old days they used warm water, which has worked for me for mild cases of crop bound birds.
then massage her good, for a good while, all around to get the oil/yogurt mixed in with whatever is stuck in there.

I've been there too - Best of luck!
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Her crop is full, but it feels like it's full of liquid, rather than actual food. She doesn't seem to have bad breath either. My Mom is trying to treat her now, although she feels she doesn't have long left either. I don't think she's had contact with anything moldy either. We've had torrential downpours the past few days, but all of their food is kept in our garage in big watertight bins. The food they have in the coop is suspended so they can't flick it everywhere (we happened to purchase a whole flock of the evil flickers...) and is in a covered area where it can't get wet. My family and I are very new to this. Her group will be our second flock, and we are just beginning to get eggs from a few of our layers. I am very inexpierienced, and none of the other chicken people (for lack of a better term... lol) seem to have any of these problems. We have had lice (the chicken kind), leg mites, worms, Coxcidiosious, colds, the whole lot of it, and we've only been doing this for 2 or 3 months. I'm only fourteen, my brother being twelve. I'm just trying to lend a hand to the overwhelmed parents. Thank you all for the suggestions though, I appreciate it
Feel the crop, is it hard and full? Does her breath stink? If so I would say like others sour crop or impacted crop. Do a full physical including any and all details about her and her living space (housing and bedding and such) and post it here. That way we will have all info needed.
Do they have access to grass? If they do, for future prevention, then it may be a good idea to keep it short (no more then three or four inches). All my breeders and young are pastured and letting the grass get long leads to the dozen of impacted crops my birds have had over the years. They rarely die though, I've only had one die from it. So best of luck anyway if that isn't it.
I am also having crop issues with one of my girls and from digging around in the archives here, if the crop is squishy and mushy, it is a soured crop. If it is hard, then it is impacted. So if she has a mushy crop, then I think you and I need to get them on some yogurt as they have some sort of yeast infection in the crop. A medicine dropper full a few times a day is supposed to help clear this up. I have also heard of using vaginal cream, 1cc twice daily as this also treats yeast infections.

Good luck with your baby, I am right there with you!!

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