EMERGENCY chicken bleeding from mouth gasping for air


8 Years
Sep 26, 2014
My hen just got attacked by something I'm not sure what but. She is bleeding from her mouth gasping for air couging neck outstretched. What do I do??
Is there an obstruction of foreign object? If it was attacked, can you see the puncture wound?
I heard them all start squawking and I ran out and she was doing this. I do not see any wounds on her body but she is bleeding from the mouth. It was definitely a predator or else they wouldn't have all reacted like this. She is standing under a tree now but she is a skittish chicken and hard to catch so I don't want to make her run. This is the blood on the ground where I first saw her. It has bubbles in it from her coughing it up
Do you have a fishing net to catch her? Will she come to you if you sit shaking a treat jar/sack. How much blood?
Enough for her to cough up and have it all over her beak. I have a feeling it is pooling in her throat or lungs because she is coughing weakly. It looks like she is struggling to breath. I will try to pick her up but i don't want to aggravate possible internal injuries...

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