Emergency, crusty eyes & breathing issues.


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Jul 10, 2013
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
We are on our way to the vet in half an hour when it opens, my little girl is not well :(

Her eyes seems conjunctivitis like and her breathing is quite raspy.. She's extremely lethargic and has not moved from my lap.. I have her in a box wrapped up at the moment & have tried giving her food and water but she doesn't want a bar of it.. Hopefully I can get some answers from the vet. Anyone ever dealt with this?

Ps. How heartbreaking.
The vet has said it's a respitory infection and needs injections of anti biotics for the next couple days which I will administer.. She has electrolytes in her water & has been seperated from the rest of the flock. I have her inside in an old dog cage with food & water lots of blankets in our garage..

Hopefully she progresses well and makes a full recovery.. She's a gorgeous little girl xx
She has improved dramatically on her antibiotics.. little hard to administer but have giving her an injection and electrolytes in her water.. she's very snotty and her breathing is still laboured but definitely getting better. She sounds like we do when we start getting all the mucus off our lungs.. just splattery and snotty and a big fluey mess! Will keep her isolated from the others for a good couple weeks I think.. hopefully she is just about better in another 3-4 days but want to make sure she is 100% before she goes back with her mates. Her eyes have improved dramatically as well, not crusty anymore but still a tad puffy.

Would love to hear how others have treated there girls in this situation..

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