EMERGENCY! hatching chicks heater fail

So Sorry...
choices are another incubator, broody hen or I have seen people use a crockpot. Yes, I am serious a crock pot.
OR a 250 watt heat bulb...you will have to monitor this so it does not get too hot. You need to stay 99-100*. You may use a 100 watt or 75 watt.
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Sent her a PM, she is off line.

I would guess... you could use a piece of cloth. Wash cloth or dishtowel for the eggs to set on. A glass of water for humidity. I am not really sure, I did not pay much attention to the post.

Maybe use the keep warm setting and vent the lid as necessary. All guess here, but I would at least try.

What kind of bator do you have ?
What kind of bator? At this point, I would probably put them in the oven, with a big pan of hot water on the lowest rack. On the very lowest 'warm' setting, just barely turned on. Oven light on. Once the oven warmed up a bit, it could be turned off, and just the oven light used for a heat seat source. It would have to be very carefully monitored, of course. Another option would be to throw a string of non-led christmas lights in the bator. They are waterproof, so the humidity wouldn't be an issue for them. And they put out some heat, but not too much so that the hatchlings wouldn't be hurt coming into contact with them.

I feel your pain. I have $150 dollars of hatching eggs waiting, and managed to blow up BOTH of my Genesis 1588's. I am scrambling for a replacement today!
Thank you sooo much. When I searched for crockpot on here, the answer I saw was that even a crockpot on warm would be 140F. So I got a Rubbermate tub put down some wood shavings & attached a heat lamp. I'll be spritzing w water.

So far the new chick is doing really well. And I can still hear some chirping. I really hope they didn't cook.

Thank you so much for the support! ... Priscilla
I'm hatching 12 aracaunas & have 12 BCMs in the Genesis who are not due to go onto lockdown until Sun. It was that nasty LGD that I was using as the lockdown for these kids that went fluey. Probably because it heard me talking bad about it!

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