emergency HELP PLEASE my dog bit my duck!

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    Jun 12, 2009
    my duck piper continuously goes after my little old blind dog.. he niped her and she got him back good on the bill with a bite! the bite did not go through the bill and the bleeding has clotted pretty well.. i dont think i need to rush off to the vet right away, but im looking for some advice!! thanks

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    If the duck goes after the dog continuously, I'd say the dog was a saint to hold out this long. Please don't allow the duck to keep harassing the dog. It cruel to a old blind dog, and the duck is gonna run out of luck one of these times. I would try and flush his wound with saline solution and then put some neosporin on it. I know they do that for chickens - don't know if ducks are sensitive to those products. Make sure he isn't out where flies could leave eggs on him- to hatch into maggots. - until it looks healed up. If he would develop symptoms like no appetite, swelling.pus discharge, lethargy, he would probably need an antibiotic. Hopefully wiser souls will be adding their input soon.
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    Quote:X2 ! Keep an eye on duck bill for infection. Hope you can resolve your issues. I'd keep the duck in the pen while the dog is out.

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