!!!EMERGENCY!!! mystery problem with my hen!!!


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May 19, 2013
ok so I posted on here a day ago and didn't get much help anyway I have a 8 month old Rhode island red hen whom I have had separated from the rest of my flock for 2 days now. Her symptoms were at first I noticed she wasn't eating with the flock when I would throw food down for them I shrugged it off as maybe she was having a bad day or a stomach ache or something then I figured she probably wasn't drinking either and seemed a bit sluggish and sat on the floor when the other hens roosted. I waited till the next day and when I went to let them out of their coop she was the last one out and was acting really weird like walking really slow and keeping her head down and once in a while bobbing it up and around then watched as she wouldn't eat again and then proceeded to find her way back to the hen house running into a shovel and tripping on the door frame on the way in. so I took her inside thinking maybe she's egg bound and just stressed so I gave her the warm bath dried her up, hydrated her she was extremely thirsty and let her stay in the house for the night that's when the panting started, she is acting as if its 90 degree weather and she's roasting in the sun when its really 46 degrees and pouring down rain and freezing constantly. She has been panting for 2 days now nonstop and having her wings roped to the side. I'm not sure if she's gotten any sleep at night, she is still in the house. I fed her a small banty egg this afternoon and she gobbled it up and a piece of banana oh and a handful of grass and she ate that too. I've been switching between garlic water, plain water, and probiotic water I give it to her via a childs medicine syringe. Her poop seems normal not for her though but its like green with milky white liquid. I thought it could be pneumonia or mold but I clean their bedding three times a yr so its always clean and they have organic laying crumbles I occasionally put apple cider vinegar in their water they get treats and some table scraps they free range throughout the day. I just don't know whats wrong wit her if anybody has any suggestions please do say. And a vet is out of the question I cant afford one at the moment. I'm going to take her temp. here in a bit i'll update when I figure it out. thank you! UPDATE!!!! So I took her temp last night it was 107.9, I fed her some more banana and scrambled eggs and gave her a more water. She seems sleepy right now but when she closes her eyes her mouth eventually opens to pant again her wings are still droopy. And I noticed her comb is falling over to her left side and I heard her use her voice which is new I haven't heard her use it in awhile. I'll update again if abuthing changes. Thanks again!
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Oct 21, 2015
I wish I can help you. There are so many things that can cause these symptoms and it's important to try and narrow it down. Vet is the best option but since that is out of the question for you lets start with the basics and some research.

Read through this and make any observations as possible to get more info. Such as feeling her crop and abdomen. Observe any other symptoms you may not have noticed before.

List any other observations here so that more experienced forum members that recognize them can be able to help you better.

Read through some of these articles from the BYC Learning Center and see if there are any similarities to what you are experiencing.

Get a weight on her so you can monitor how much weight she may be losing and it will also help to calculate med doses if needed. Sick birds actually lose body heat so keep her warm - about 85 degrees. Give her warm fluids to drink.

Pictures are very very helpful. If you can post a picture of her AND her poop, please do.

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