Emergency: runt with issues


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May 25, 2016
North Saskatchewan River
I was away for the last four days and came home to notice I was short a chick. I found him buried under the edge of a towel under all the other chicks under the heating pad. Dehydrated, malnourished, bad case of pasty butt, can't lift his own head and looks like sprawled legs. The droppings in his down actually stuck one of his legs in place against his belly. He was born 2 days late compared to the rest of the hatch but don't look like he gained since the last time I looked at him. They had food and water given to them each day I was gone but it wasn't noticed that this guy wasn't there.

So far I
1) Got it drinking water and vitamin additives from a syringe.
2) gave it a nice warm bath and soaked off all the gunk freeing up the vent and leg.
3) got a 2nd brooder set up away from the big brothers and sisters. Once the heat gets up he will be going in it. Meantime its asleep curled up on my chest.

Now I'm at the end of my knowledge. No experience in chicks but read a lot of stuff on here before hand in case I ever needed it. In my hand for size comparison since it is 9 days old.

Sorry pictures won't upload
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I'd say your on the right track with the vitamins and feed I had one like this the other day but he was so weak by the time he got the vitamins and stuff it was too late I hope you have better luck than I did also if his energy is low you can give him some sugar water I also recommend that you use sav a chick packet the one in orange packet that's a digestive supplement that will help with the pasty but good luck maybe it will get better

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