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    Jul 11, 2016
    I have a Rhode Island Red hen that has lost a huge amount of weight and is standing in one spot everyday. She lays down half the time and when she stands she shakes like she can't hold herself up. I have noticed an awful smell coming from her back end. She is somewhat alert and is eating a tad bit but that's all. I have been raising chickens for 7 years and I have never had a chicken do this before. Please give any suggestions on what I should do for her! Thanks so much! Brooklyn
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    Welcome to BYC. Look her over especially around her vent area for a wound or poopy butt that has become infected or infested with maggots. Look her over for signs of lice or mites, especially around her vent, neck, and under wings. Watch her droppings, and this is easier to do by confining her to a dog crate with paper towels as bedding overnight. Give her some water with electrolytes and vitamins, some chooped egg and a bit of plain yogurt, along with her normal feed. Has she laid any eggs lately, and how old is she?

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