employment frustrations- what should I do? rant


11 Years
May 8, 2008
to have a full time job. but.. I am miserable working where I am. I have been at my job(selling health insurance to MA residents and small business's and handling the billing) Mostly it is customer service work though. For over a year now.. but am feeling like they. middle management. want me to quit.
There is no support. I have not recieved my "annual" raise. Nor had the second review I was told I would have. The obvious double standards are frightening. I never received proper training and actually had my manager tell me I should have picked it "all up" by just being here. Now they have me doing another departments job with little training as well. I am getting "warned" about my sales being down. When the state DOI has changed the elegibilty rules for purchasing coverage. My hands, along with the rest of my teams have been tied. I am passed over for any "special" projects on the floor. If I get a compliment from a member(we are supposed to pass them to our managers) nothing is ever said or mentioned. but when another rep does she sends it out to all the other reps, managers and even the department head. It's hurtful. Another rep has mentioned that she notices how different they treat me as well.

I promised myself years ago, when I was at another job that I was to the point of sitting in my car steeling myself to go inside every morning. And not going out for lunch because I knew going back in would not happen. That if I ever was that unhappy again I would quit. But there are just no other jobs now. I want to work closer to hime. But the only ones I have seen are further away.
however I am just so tired of this I am looking at those jobs. Or even a retail job with less pay closer to home.

I have spent the last year and nearly a half rebuilding my credit. Gaining "me" back. Paying bills. Improving our life. But now I feel as though I am having my life sucked dry. I am starting to drink after work. I know that they arent going to fire me. they need me here. A body. So that they can make their numbers. I have talked to my dh. Told him that I dont know how much longer I can do this. I am just so tired and depressed.

if you have read this thanks. just needed to type it out to keep myself from crying at my desk
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First off, sorry you are dealing with this, life is too short for really bad jobs.

Spend 3-5 days time (you need a time line or you won't follow through) thinking about what exactly you need from your supervisor/co-workers that you are not getting. Is it a raise? Is it timely information? Write it down, make a list and go over it several times, then ask to meet with your supervisor and lay it out for them. Also be prepared to list all of your good qualities and contributions you have made -create your own annual evaluation and present it to them if you like.

The worst that can happen is nothing in your case, and that is already happening.

In general people don't get fired for asking for what they need and it doesn't sound like being fired would actually be that bad - you would have plenty of time to look for work closer to home.
Alternatively - take a sick day and run around town putting in resumes and job apps EVERYWHERE!

emys. I have tried that already. Have stood up for myself. But nothing ever happens. I have filed grievencess with our HR dept to only be told "they dont do that" whatever that means.
So I havent bothered since.
I WANT to be fired. That way I would have the time to look and be getting at least some $ in til I find something. But I swear they wont.
No one should have to be m,iserable at their job. Keep going to work, that is a necessity, but actively look for a more satisfying job. Good luck. Life is too short
to be spent in misery.
I too have been in miserable jobs. They make life long and hard.. and boring.. and unfulfilling. I really understand! Job are very hard to come by today. I worked in a very meager job (for a lady I knew at church) for over a year while looking almost full time for another job... and it took a year exactly. Revamp your resume's, start scouring the newpapers, online and asking around. Do you have a degree? May you could go back to school? Hope things get better soon!
Can't. If I am stuck here I dont want to use any of my PTO (paid time off) for that. I want to use it for an actual vaca. Or sick time if I get sick. Plus. I have been put on warning for being out when I was actually SICK with the flu. I was here all winter because I have AWD. And was picking up a co worker so she could get here as well. And.. here the kicker. just one of us being out makes it harder for the rest of the team.
We have a team of 5, since the newest girl ran for it last week.
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You don't really want to be fired, or you would show up late every day, miss deadlines, and loose a big customer for them. Getting fired is easy. If you have stood up for yourself with no result, than you must find other employment.

Are there any transfer opportunities?? Different boss?

Sorry it is so crappy - this is a bad time to be looking for another job - you may have to take a job with less pay for your peace of mind.

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