Empty Crop... What's wrong?

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    Apr 30, 2009
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    I noticed mites on my roo Thursday, and tried to get rid of them with Poultry Protector that day. It didn't work, but because of my work schedule, I couldn't get him dusted 'till today. Thursday, he was acting fine, just preening alot and seemed itchy. Today he is still acting fine, crowing and active... but he seems a bit nervous or hyper (maybe it's just me?) His crop was empty when I put him to bed last night, and it still seems empty today. I went ahead and dusted him this morning with pyrethrin (sp) and it went well, although as soon as I put him down, he started preening (I hope that's normal- I was worried about him eating the dust) Anyways, his crop is still empty, but he appears to be eating- although he could just be pecking at his food? I don't know... maybe I'm just overly concerned... What should I do next? [​IMG]
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    I am not sure what to tell you, but maybe try some oatmeal or something that really fills the crop up so you can tell if he just isn't eating much, or if it is dumping too quickly.

    Good luck!

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    What does THAT mean? [​IMG]
  4. Feed the chick some of it's regular feed, but moistened with either water, or milk. Make it like a crumble and see if he eats it You'll then know if its eating, or if there is something else wrong.

    Is he drinking, pooping, etc., ok?

    Does he look ok?

    Maybe you just happen to be seeing him when he needs to eat.
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    same thing with one of my roo's. It snuck up on me quick. I just used DE as his vent area seemed very inflammed and I wanted to go easy on him. I also sprayed the coops with diluted permethrin (buy it at TSC $4.95) It's been two days and he already looks better. The first thing I noticed was empty crop...like you. His poo was runny green and I knew he wasn't eating. I whipped him up some scrambled eggs mixed with a little yoguart and his crumbles and separated him from the girls so he could eat it and not those hogs [​IMG]

    I have vitamins/electrolytes coming in the mail tomorrow as well as ivermectin. I just learned that worms could make chickens more suseptible to infestation and make them weaker.... so best to treat twice a year for worms as well as check your flocks for lice and mites every month. Spring seems to be the worst. The life cycles really speed up and can be infestation level in just a week or so.

    good luck and just make sure he's eating. If he isn't, you can blend the above contents in your margarita maker [​IMG] and use a syringe.
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    Apr 30, 2009
    Keokuk County
    Thanks to everyone for your patience (with my redundant posts and stupid questions) and for all your help. I just felt his crop and it's not full, but there's some food in it. He still seems pretty active and has been pecking around some. I gave him a scrambled egg this morning and he ate some of that, also. I'm going grocery shopping in a bit to get some plain oatmeal and yogurt, even if he is fine, I figure it can't hurt! [​IMG]

    Hopefully it was just the stress from the bugs and now that they're gone I'll have a happy roo! [​IMG]

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