Emu hatching eggs?


7 Years
Apr 11, 2012
I'm really trying to find emu hatching eggs for a decent price. All the big hatcheries seem to charge $40.00 for just one, which seems like a lot to me.
Does anyone know a breeder who they've bought from in the past, or a website where I can look (other than a hatchery)?
They're out of season now, you're gonna have to wait till October. Any hatching eggs you see for sale are either out of date listings or scams at this point.
I got mine from Kalaya Emu Estates and there's quite a few reputable sellers on Ebay so check back in October.
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Oh no........ I wish mine would survive. Emu laying season is till May and all female Emus are created equal so some lay early and some do lay late. I picked up day old Emu eggs from local farm on Friday and put them in the incubator on Monday. I thought I was pretty luck to get eggs at the end of season but guess not.

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