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    Sep 29, 2012
    I want to do Emu. I can get eggs a plenty from ebay and I am a quail hatching legend. But Emu are different. I have a Sportsman 1202 that is always full of quail from all corners of the globe and exotic chickens. I have 3 LG. So things will not work out in the Sportsman because it is around 99.5 . I guess the best bet would be to put the emu eggs in one of the LG and turn them manually.

    Are there any automatic tuners > ?

    Any links that will answer all the basic questions ?

    Does anyone have eggs the can hook me up with that are good and fertile and will survive all the stupid mistakes that I will make >?
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    If you are wanting to use a LG I suggest modifying it (you can see pics of my modified LG in my signature link for the emu hatch 2012)

    You are better off turning the eggs by hand.. rocking them back and forth instead of turning them over and over in the same direction. (I hope that makes sense)

    Most of your basic questions can be answered in my link as well as the link in this forum called the "Emu Hatch-a-long 2012" as well as the long but extremely informative hatch-a-long thread here: https://www.backyardchickens.com/t/607761/anyone-up-for-a-hatchalong

    As for hooking you up with good fertile eggs that will survive your mistakes.. lol.. if we could guarantee every hatch we would make a fortune .. As it is we can offer advice.. but if you get shipped eggs remember there is always a chance that the postal service will scramble the eggs.
    Personally I have had the best results with eggs from Kalaya Emu Estates. I know most people would suggest getting local eggs if possible.. but there's no guarantee that they would be fresh or fertile.. so you just have to hope for the best regardless of where the eggs come from.
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