Emu Sedation and Transport


Dec 22, 2020
Hi there everyone,

I am looking for some advice on how to possibly sedate our 2 full grown emus, in order to load them into a trailer that will be taking them across the country. I have a call in with a vet, but wondered more about how to best administer the medicine and if anyone has any tricks or tips. I was thinking inserting pills into grapes, but not sure what other folks have done.

Also, wondering if anyone knows about general safety concerns with transporting two emus in a double box stall - they will be confined for 3.5 days in order to get across the country.

Thank you,

How long are you needing them sedated? Like just long enough to get them loaded or what? 3.5 days is a long time and I am not sure of any sedations that will last that long and likely are not very good for the emus. My guess is an injectable is going to be safest but usually those are used for a short time versus over multiple days. Hopefully the vet can give you more insight

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