1. T

    Incubator question

    Hey everyone! I'm new to emu and I'm trying to source an incubator with an automatic egg turner. I really only need to hatch 2 (maybe 4 if possible) so would rather not go for a huge cabinet incubator. Thanks!!
  2. minsin56

    im trying to get some emus but don't know where to get emu

    my stepdad and i decided i want to get some emus instead of ostriches since they are supposed to be friendlier than ostriches but i cant find much on where to buy some near where i live in the corpus christi area the furthest my stepdad would drive would be 250 miles from corpus christi tx we...
  3. APaulPrice

    Hello everyone!

    We are homesteading in MO and entering year 3; we are in the later stages of building a house. Thank you for the addition. I am the sort of city boy and she grew up on the farm. If you think of Green Acres, I am like Lisa and she is like Oliver. :) We are starting chickens and ducks (no...
  4. B

    Show off your Emus! (Or Rheas/Ostritches!)

    Hello fellow emu enthusiasts! I noticed that similar threads were posted in other poultry forums allowing people to show off their birds, but our section appeared to be lacking it! Therefore, I created this one! Show off your birds in all the glory, whether it be a picture of them, or a...
  5. emu6200

    Emu nail trim

    Hi Two months ago I hatched an emu and it's nails have been growing very fast. The nails are long enough that it is starting to turn one of the toes when it walks because it looks like the nail is too long and it doesn't let the emu run properly. I felt the bottom of the toe and the toe pad is...
  6. servpolice

    Toos and Vlad

    So friends and family have decided to name the Emus Toos(female) and Vlad(male) and I'll just update their life on this thread hoping one day I'll get more so I can hatch more emus! With your help!
  7. servpolice

    Need to knows (Emu)

    Hey folks, so I'm planning on getting a 5 month old male emu chick but I just want to know what I need to know about emus. I've a well secured 9 arce field for the guy when he's older. What to feed him etc now and when he matures. I live in Ireland too so plenty of grass etc. I've heard males...
  8. emu6200

    10 day old Emu chick diet

    Hi I have a 10 day old emu and for now, I'm feeding it emu starter chick pellets mixed with spinach and kale. I feed it a random amount until it gets full or stops eating, but how much emu starter pellets should I really be feeding it at 10 days old? Should I add more fruits or vegetables along...
  9. emu6200

    Baby Emu Not Eating! Born 2 days ago

    Hi When do new-born emu chicks start eating? I’m currently feeding my emu, baby kale and spinach. It was born 2 days ago but has only darken a few sips of water. What should I do? I ordered emu chick starter from online but is scheduled to arrive this Tuesday. Is it normal for emu chicks to not...
  10. ChickenCrazy93

    We Got Emus! First Time Emu Owner

    Bought three beautiful Emus yesterday, we believe to have 2 females and a male. We will need to get them DNAed to be sure. They are 2 years old and we will hopefully see some eggs within the next year or so. Any tips, suggestions, or knowledge we should know about Emus? We want to make sure...
  11. emu6200

    Emu needs help hatching!

    Hi I have an emu chick and it poked the first hole two days ago. The whole has increased in size to about the size of 5 quarters layed out next to each other. It's a little less than half of the egg that the emu has already pushed out. The emu has been like this for about two days now. Should I...
  12. emu6200

    EMU HATCHING! What do I feed it the first few days?

    Hi The emu cracked a hole in the shell this morning! It should hatch later today at around midnight or tomorrow morning! Sooooooo excited! Thank You sooooo much to everyone for the help and tips for hatching emus! What should I start feeding it? Meal worms, vegetables, etc... When should I...
  13. emu6200

    EMU EGG Whistling and making noise in the egg

    Hi I have an amu egg and it is at day 50 which is when it's supposed to hatch. The emu just peeped at me and right now it is making a weird noise inside the egg. It kind of sounds like when someone blows bubbles under water. What should I do? Should I make a safety hole? It was peeping every...
  14. emu6200

    Emu Egg Wiggling @ Day 42!! Please Help!

    Hi I have an emu egg and it started wrigging today, June 14. Its been 42 days since I put it into the incubator. I forgot that it was wiggling and I forgot to stop turning the egg. I just turned it a little bit. Im not turning the egg anymore, just waiting for it to hatch now. If I turned it a...
  15. emu6200

    Is Emu Egg alive?

    Hi I have an emu egg and its 38 days old. It has not been making any noises or moving but when I tap on the egg, it sounds like a tink tink. It sounds like if the egg was hollow inside. Sounds similar to tapping on glass but a higher pitch sound. The egg used to smell like rotten eggs but I...
  16. Feather Hearts

    Emu Or Ostrich For Beginner Ratite Keeper?

    So my biggest question is emu or ostrich and why? My mom prefers ostriches as we went to this private sculpture park and the ostriches were so friendly, but I'm leaning towards emu. I mean, emu seem more manageable size wise, I'm pretty confident around larger animals (my parents own cows and...
  17. Mootheemu

    ISO juvenile male or female emu

    Hello All, I purchased 3 eggs at the beginning of this year for incubation and had 1/3 hatch. Now I have a wonderful pet emu that lives on my ranch out in Napa, CA. He is a great bird, but I believe he is lonely. I am looking for an additional emu to add to my flock to cheer him up. If anyone...
  18. emu6200

    Emu Egg smelled like rotten eggs, not anymore?

    Hi I have an emu egg and it was smelling like rotten eggs since last week, but about 2 days ago, I changed the water that I put into the incubator for humidity. I was using water straight from the sink. But 2-3 days ago, I started boiling the water to get rid of contaminants, I let the water...
  19. ButtercupSunshine

    PLEASE HELP! Issue with 6 wk old emu chick!!!

    Our 6 wk old emu chick started acting off about 3-4 days ago. She just wasn’t holding her neck/head right. She was eating when I noticed her moving her move slow and drooling while trying to eat, we felt uncomfortable enough to take her to the ER vet where they informed us they had some...
  20. emu6200

    Why is Egg gaining weight?

    Hi I have an egg and I weigh it everyday and it is losing weight but today I weighed it and it gained one gram. I keep the humidity 30 to 34% but it only gained one gram today. It's an emu egg. Why is it gaining weight? Is this okay? The problem could be caused from an inaccurate scale reading...
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