Emu Sedation

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Dec 22, 2020
Hi there everyone,

I am looking for some advice on how to possibly sedate our 2 full grown emus, in order to load them into a trailer that will be taking them across the country. I have a call in with a vet, but wondered more about how to best administer the medicine and if anyone has any tricks or tips. I was thinking inserting pills into grapes, but not sure what other folks have done.

Also, wondering if anyone knows about general safety concerns with transporting two emus in a double box stall - they will be confined for 3.5 days in order to get across the country.

Thank you,

I think if you report the thread, the moderators will move it for you. Good luck with your x-country emu transport. That sounds like quite the undertaking. I have never dealt with such large birds. Only seen them from afar. I always thought they would be terrifying to own one though lol.
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