Endo-Mectin Ivermectin 1% solution for wormer

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    Mar 31, 2009
    I have used this cattle wormer to worm my chickens. I use 1 cc per quart of water, I pull all water the night before i treat them so they are good and thirsty. My question is will this also work for lice amd mites? I know it kills lice and mites when i inject my cows with it but was wondering if it works the same with chickens drinking it. I would guess that it would get into the blood stream from them drinking it and would kill any little blkood suckers.

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    If the lice aren't the sucking kind, it won't kill them unless they ingest some blood. Read about it here:

    They recommend Sevin dust.

    I have used Ivomec Eprinex (eprinomectin) for mites but I also dusted with Sevin at the same time. Then I retreated with Sevin. I have also used permethrin dust successfully.

    I haven't used Ivomec Ivermectin. I think you also should research the egg withdrawal period for it (tossing eggs). When given to dairy cows (not recommended) it gets in the milk, whereas eprinex doesn't.

    See www.drugs.com and enter it in the search bar if you wish.

    A lot of people on BYC have posted about how using Ivermectin killed their mites- you can do a search in the search bar for it if you like.

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    Also if you are using it for worming, I believe I have read on BYC to use Wazine first to lessen the worm load. So it doesn't kill them by killing all the worms and backing them up so much they can't get them all out.

    This is just something I have read- I haven't had worm experience (thank God).

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