Enlarged, discolored wattle, no other signs of illness

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6 Years
Jun 4, 2013

We are trying to figure out what is going on with one of our chickens. When we went to let them out this morning, we saw this chicken with a very enlarged, discolored wattle that appears to be getting darker as the day goes on. We looked up cholera, and other than this enlarged, discolored wattle, there are no other signs of infection at this time. There are no other chickens in the flock who appear to be afflicted, but we have isolated her for now until we figure out what to do. Any thoughts? Thank you!

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Avian influenza can also cause a cyanotic or blue comb and wattles. I believe fowl cholera may be more like because of the swollen wattles, but coryza can also cause swelling of the wattles. Sulfadimethoxine and Sulmet will treat both fowl cholera and coryza. AI is a virus, so not sulfa or antibiotics will treat. I would call the state vet or dept. of agriculture and talk to them about this. They may offer to put the bird down and do a free necropsy, since AI is something they would be concerned about. Please let us know what you find out.
Thank you so much for your replies and the links. I searched all of them and they were all excellent. Since this is a weekend, none of the extension offices or the state's vet office is open. We will call them tomorrow. I feel so bad for her. Wondering if it wouldn't be more humane to just dispatch her now, but I know we need to contact the extension office for a definitive dx. I have never seen anything like this. She looks significantly worse this morning. Not only are the wattles larger and more discolored, her whole body appears extremely edematous. Acting sick. Watery exudate coming out of one eye, and she has some green diarrhea, so all signs point to cholera. None of the other hens appear to be afflicted. If this does, in fact, turn out to be cholera, do we have to destroy the rest of the flock (we have 14)? We thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the hen house yesterday, and are watching the remaining girls closely. Are the eggs from the other hens still safe to eat?

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