Entertainment value...of 5 chics in a kiddie pool (no water of course)

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  1. I bought 5 sex link chics last Friday. They are now about 2 weeks old. They are hillarious to watch! Right now one is running around the kiddie pool with a shaving that looks like it has legs, and they are chasing him. The other day, one got out, and all of a sudden they were all trying to fly. It reminded me of the old game called "Joust." We threw a small plastic ball in the pool and they push it around.

    Maybe they will get funnier after a couple cold ones tonight? [​IMG]
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    We have had so much fun watching out little chicks dash around with meal worms, or a dark piece of pine shaving lol.

    I saw on youtube once a video where someone put it to music...it was hillarious.

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