Entire Breeding Flock of Crele Polish


9 Years
Aug 9, 2010
After much consideration, I have decided to sell my breeding flock of standard bearded and non-bearded Crele Laced Polish.

Our line comes from Doug Kamer, the founder of the Crele variety. After many years of hard work and careful line breeding, we have managed to create a line that is 80% auto-sexing. 100% of the male chicks hatch out light grey/yellow and the females hatch out mousy brown. 10% to 20% of the mousy brown chicks are cockerels, but that % is reduced with each generation.

I am looking for a knowledgeable person to take over my breeding program. The breeding flock includes 15 hens and 4 cockerels.

If you are interested in purchasing this breeding flock, please send me a pm telling me about your experience as a breeder and describe your facility.

I have not decided on a purchase price for the flock and am open to offers. My primary objective is to find my birds a wonderful home with a knowledgeable breeder who will continue to improve the line.

I have orders for hatching eggs, so the birds cannot be picked up until May.

Here are a few pictures, you can see more photos on our website at juststruttinfarm.com


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