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I've never purchased anything on Etsy before but on Saturday saw something I wanted to get so I signed on with an account, confirmed the purchase and paid by PayPal immediately. I wasn't too concerned when the weekend went by and I didn't hear anything from the seller - I know what its like to take a weekend vacation from electronics so I can get stuff done around the house. But when I hadn't heard a peep by last night, I sent a quick email just asking if the seller got my order and when he/she thinks it will go in the mail. As of tonight, I have still heard nothing. With eBay I can look at my account and see if an item has been marked as shipped even if the seller doesn't specifically get in touch, but I can't do that with Etsy so I'm left wondering what's happening. Since its my first order, can people more experienced tell me if there's anything I should be worried about?


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I have only bought a couple things from Etsy usually the people are really good about letting you know what is going on. Only once did I have a problem of something not being sent, had to file a paypal dispute, and on the last day of the dispute it finally showed up at my house, postmarked two days before, still never got any explanation from the lady, she never even responded to the dispute. May be the people are on vacation, because Items on Etsy don't have a time limit like ebay items do, at least as far as I know. So maybe she put the item on a month ago, and didn't think about it again, then left for vacation or something. Hopefully she gets in contact soon.


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You can go into your account and click on Purchases on the left. It will show your purchases and for each item you will see a status tot he far right.


Then shipped or not shipped and only if the seller clicks the shipped button on their end.
It's only Tuesday. Lots of times you won't get a notification of shipment.
I always send a quick note that I shipped the order.

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