Evaluate: R-Com 3-Egg Mini Incubator


11 Years
Jul 9, 2008
Dallas, Texas
Who actually has one of these and how do they hold?
Are they good quality?
Do they do the trick or are they pieces of junk?
They are expensive and only hatch 3 eggs at a time. That said they work great. Just depends on if the small size will meet your needs.
I was going to get this, but for the same price you can get the Hovabator 1588, which does way more eggs, has a pre set temp for chickens. I'm so glad I bought the Hovabator instead, it's so addictive, there is no way I would have been happy with 3 eggs. I started out buying 1 dozen, then I added 17 more, and now I just added 11 more silkie eggs. But I was thinking of buying the R-com 3 for my niece and nephew, we'll see.
Well, I know the price is high but for me, someone who won't be hatching many eggs (maybe 10 a year) would this suite me?
I don't want a huge incubator in my living room or in the garage and have to set it up every time I want to use it, then take it down.

What I'm really curious about is if there are any other alternatives. Maybe something like a 5-egg incubator or less for a lot less money.
I have one for my button quail eggs....they are due to hatch in 8 days....i can tell you then how it worked, haha. So far it is pretty cool. It turns the eggs...tells you if you need to add water and controls everything itsself. I also have larger styrofoam ones, i basically just got this to try it w/ the buttons when i'm not hatching anything else.
they are nice little things I have heard alot of good stuff about them and how easy they are as long as you dont mind them being small.
There is a <i think its called> brinsea br 10
it holds 10 eggs thats if you dont want a bigger one

I see these all the time and they're a heck of a lot cheaper but you can't control the temperature and such.
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I have one and have not managed to hatch a thing out of it yet. I gave up after the first year. I should probably sell the darn thing.

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