Ever crushed an egg that was in your pocket? There was a chick in mine


9 Years
Mar 8, 2010
I was in my car on the way to the gas station just now and suddenly remembered that I had put an egg in my pocket earlier in the day while I was out in the coop. Aw, nuts, I thought. It's in my pocket. gross. I felt the outside of my pocket and sure enough the egg was smushed.

Here's the deal. This egg was one that had been kicked out the nest (and was ice cold when I found it) by our broody on day 20. I was horrified to realize that I was on the way to the gas station with a fully developed chicken fetus in my pocket.

Once I got home, I turned my pocket out into a tupperware in the sink and found the sweet little baby. He didn't look quite big enough to be day 20, so I would imagine he died a couple days ago. This is our first broody and our first baby who didn't make it. Hopefully the little guy's six hatchmates will arrive any day!

Pretty gross, though, eh?
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Wow, that is a little disturbing having a chicken fetus in your pocket.
I had a egg crushed in my jacket pocket by my St. Bernard who bumped her head against me looking for a little affection.... Yuck
One time I had a jacket draped over the back of the chair with the pocket on the seat. As I sat down, it held for a moment and then popped everywhere. Eww.
That is bad!!! I have a bad habit of putting them in my hoodie pocket then continuing to feed the other animals....Yeah I break a lot...Good thing my Girls lay more everyday! (and Mom keeping me away from the eggs doesnt hurt either lol)
A few weeks ago I had to take my car to get looked at right after I took the kids to school. So of course I had to go out and feed all the animals before I left. There was one egg laid already and I took it and put it in my pocket.

Fast forward a few hours. Noticed a wet spot on my pants. Look at my coat - pocket it wet. Reach into my pocket to a broken egg. Ugh! I hate that.
With my Fergettin' Brain, I'll go out to the shed, collect eggs in my pockets while I'm putterin' around... then when I get in the house pat my pocket "Now what the heck is that?" Crunch! "Aw, crap!" HAHAHAHA!!!

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