Ever heard of this breed?? Tetratint?


8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
my local farm store says they are getting in golden comets and tetratints (she even spelled it to me)..

but I've NEVER heard of tetratint and google just asks me if I meant tetrazzini chicken LOL..

Never heard of it... i can't even think of a breed they might be mixing it up with!
Do you know what hatchery they get there chicks from??
Maybe it's their name for Easter Eggers?

Think of it this way: Tetra-Tints

Tetra can mean four, and tints maybe refers to the eggs?

So maybe they could lay either blue, green, olive, or brown eggs?

Just my guess.
I would guess it'd what the feed store calls their EE when it isn't easter because they come in so many colors... If you break it down in a scientific fashion....tetra means "four" and tint could refer to color. It could be chick color (EE's come in a rainbow of colors & patterns) or egg color, EE lay pretty much anything but white..."pink" (light brownish), blue, green, and even "plain old" brown.
Nope, never heard of them. My father picked up what they labled Buff Opringtons at a TSC, and they all turned in to New Hampshire Reds. So it is likely they just made a mistake.
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