Everyone loves Puppies right??


8 Years
Jun 9, 2011
Just wanted to share some pics of our most recent Labrador Retriever litter.
Born August 23 2011 (during the day too... Lucky me lol)
A litter of 11 but sadly one didnt make it, so we have 10.

Mom is a Chocolate, Dad is a Black (Both have had and passed their health clearances)
This was a planned litter and we are very excited to watch one puppy in particular.
A chocolate male which depending on how he matures will possibly be kept for future showing/breeding.

Mom and Pups hours after birth. (Moms looking pretty tired here)

Ten Pups in a Basket

Boy, Girl, Girl, Girl, Girl

Chocoalte Girl & Black Boys.

And the male we have high hopes for...
We mostly have the puppies trained to potty pads by the time they leave for new homes so the new owners have a head start at least lol
The chewing mostly comes from bordom or teething, the key is lots of thier own toys and kennel or other safe place when not being supervised.
Chewing??? Puppies chew??? Is that why I'm down to just a couple of pairs of shoes and some of my trim is a little "rough"?


Darling pups there - I really like the chocolate labs!
Ah yes...but they so so so much prefer fingers and toes to chew on. They are so much more soothing to those itchy little sharp teeth..especially when you are not paying attention!

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