Excited for the new crowers!

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7 Years
Sep 12, 2012
I ordered a lot of chicks from Murray McMurray hatchery back in April, and today TWO of them started to crow! My golden Polish roo (free chick, but glad he came because I forgot to order a polish roo!) let his out first, and it was just a simple one-note, one-syllable call. It confused me at first, until I realized he was actually TRYING to crow, then I realized he was okay and laughed at him.

Then a few minutes later, I saw my little Columbian Wyandotte bantam give it a shot. It was a four-syllable call that seemed like it got cut WAY too short, but he's already got a pretty good handle on making music! And being a bantam and crowing for the first time made him look pathetic as he seemed to strain his entire body to get that call out of his throat! But really not bad for a first-timer!

There are still two others that I'm waiting on, and I expect both of them to be late bloomers anyway. Both are "rare" breeds and take a while to mature anyway, including Beetle, my black Sumatra:

And Phoenix, my black and white phoenix.

All of these babies will be 5 months old on September 19th, so just over a week away. Now if the hens (2 buff polish, 1 bantam columbian wyandotte, 4 sumatras, and 2 leghorns) would just go ahead and start laying eggs, too

Ah, they grow up so fast....
Pretty boys, I've really like the Sumatra and Phoenix, they have nice feathers for their age. Bet you are going to have a symphony going soon, or maybe a barbershop quartet. Funny about the Polish roo, I had a BCWP from them, first few times I heard him try to crow I thought a chick had gotten itself caught on something and was complaining.
First few times I heard him try to crow I thought a chick had gotten itself caught on something and was complaining.
LMAO, that's exactly what I thought! Or one was lost! My two buff polish pullets make a honk-type sound now when they are lost (which is pretty often given their limited sight). And they will usually try to find me when that happens. So I started to look around and saw him instead. I was about to tell him "I'm right over here" when I saw his neck stretching! haha!
Here you thought he was lost and he was actually trying to tell you where he was. You know, maybe that is why polish roosters crow so much, so the girls can keep track of them by sound, who'd of known. Guess we just don't talk chicken. Those polish are something else aren't they, keep thinking they need a seeing eye dog, maybe we should hang little bells around their necks, or our necks so they know where we are.
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