Excited! Just ordered Chicks from Ideal.


May 8, 2020
I definitely will! :)
This is my first time ordering online.
Do I need to go to my post office and write them a note that I'm expecting chicks (with my name/info on it)?
Should I do that on the day my chicks ship out?
I have ordered chickens and turkeys online. Both times the contract information was on the shipping label and they called me as soon as they were off the truck.


Sep 16, 2020
Scottsdale, AZ
One died in the shipping box and some are kinda weak.
So 9 survived so far.
I tried to put them near the heat plate, but they dont like being under it.
I think I need to buy a heat lamp right now.
I shove them under (gently) like a momma hen gathering them up and they go under and fall asleep. I would check the height after they are under. It has to be low enough that they have to bend over a little to get under there. If it isn't they will be too cold when they lay down.

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