Excited to be here! New to the BYC world!


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Jul 6, 2020
Hello all!

I am so excited to be here with our new additions to our family. Excited to be here!

We are brand new to raising chickens! June 2020. We recently got 10 Easter Egger chicks (they are about 4 weeks now).

We have always wanted chickens but we live in Salt Lake City, UT and were worried about ordinences and such. We have some friends who have raised chickens and we decided to pull the trigger this year (along with a lot of people it seems). In SLC, you are able to have up to 15 chickens so we are good! I love the idea of self-sufficiency and skills building, so this year we expanded our garden as well, looking to reconnect with our food and our environment.

Some of our other hobbies include exploring the outdoors and gardening. My husband loves creating and building things for around the house and is very excited as he is building our coop. My husband is a mechanical engineer and I work at a non-profit locally, with 2 dogs (who are slowly getting used to have chicks around) and love to explore the west!

We are brand new to this community and I'm glad I stumbled upon it as I was googling questions about raising chicks! I love these communities because of the interaction you get to have. I have a few different books about raising chickens, but I find the real life and sometimes real-time experience of others is much more helpful!


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