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  1. kbarrett513

    Excited to be here! New to the BYC world!

    Hello all! I am so excited to be here with our new additions to our family. Excited to be here! We are brand new to raising chickens! June 2020. We recently got 10 Easter Egger chicks (they are about 4 weeks now). We have always wanted chickens but we live in Salt Lake City, UT and were...
  2. D

    New to this forum and raising chickens.

    Hello everyone. My name is Diana and I just picked up my chicks yesterday. I have 6 total (fingers crossed for all females). I have 2 Easter eggs, 2 Spitzhauben’s, and 2 Svarthona’s. I currently have them in a spacious tall tote with a feeder and an ice cube tray with rocks and warm water. I...
  3. Bwool24

    What gender? Easter Eggers

    Hey all, very new to this and as a rookie I got 10 unsexed Easter Eggers (doh!!!). I can only have females where I live, so just looking to figure it out so I can start making some plans. My little boys have been great, they agree that we aren’t fully naming them until we know who we get to...
  4. JaimeP

    Pullet having trouble walking!

    Please help me help her. Any suggestions would be appreciated. My Easter egger puller just started laying and now I come out to this! Pictures provided. She is eating and alert and can still fly, but just wants to be held.
  5. Chickmamaa209

    What breed are my 6 week old chicks ( Rhode island red, new Hampshire or other ??

    Only Wondering about the red and yellow chicks in the picture the other ones are most likely Easter eggers ( was told Americaunas but doubt it ) but I was told the yellow one is a new hamshire but shes looking a little too yellow or will she become more red as the time goes by. The red one I was...
  6. JaneBrook

    First hatching with my broody silkie...

    19 days ago I received 8 mixed fertilized eggs through the post via Royal Mail. I have 6 bantams & 2 Rhode Island reds but it was my black silkie ‘Jemima’ who has gone broody along with a tiny frizzle called Molly who has decided to share the incubation :eek: I candled them a few days ago & a...
  7. Jackjackandbernice

    Gender on Easter Eggers(?) And Guineas Pic heavy

    Posting again with the other 4 rescue birds. All birds are continuing to thrive/ put on weight even in their temporary accommodations. So these are the next 4 that I'm curious about. As a reminder we rescued 8 birds, and the first four were deemed a silkie, wellsummer, red star, and white rock...
  8. TwoChicksChix

    Started Chickens for Sale in South Florida.

    Hello all, I am located in West Palm Beach Florida and I have a handful of birds for sale. I have white and splash silkies available as well as a Barnvelder and a pair of Leghorn Easter Eggers. The silkies are about 9 weeks old, the others are about 3-4 months old and close to the point of...
  9. D

    Small flock of noisy girls

    we have a small backyard flock of 3 hens ( we started with 5 but 2 turned out to be roosters and had to be re-homed), since losing our last male, our EE hen has become very noisy! If she senses any activity outside the coop she immediately starts in with a pterodactyl like screech. Our other...
  10. bonz4bon

    Easter Egger Cockerel or Hen? 8 weeks old

    My Hen might be a Rooster. What do you think? Easter Egger from Meyers Hatchery. 8 weeks old. Hope not only ordered 2 Easter Eggers. Looking forward to the eggs.
  11. Cassy8604

    1st time Easter egger owner

    My cousin recently give me five Easter egger and I'm new to the whole chicken thing. I've tried reading up one how to tell a hen from a roo, but in all honesty I'm more confused then ever. Can some one please share their opinion about what sex my chickens are? Any other tips would also...
  12. Sacri

    I thought I got Amerucanas....are these Easter eggers???

    Hey! Thanks for helping.....I purchased 7 Rhode Island Reds and 7 Amerucanas (???) some of what I am reading is making me wonder though.....They all have the grayish/blue feet and legs, but some have cheek puffs and I thought Amerucanas didn't have those....They are what they are and I'll love...
  13. mikka

    Bantams, Layers, Brooding, Oh My!

    Hi all! :love I have just been given the green light (a positive maybe) to begin my first flock! I just wanted to start a thread on breeds that will be good for this semi-first timer. My ideal traits are... Smaller breed; working with a pretty average amount of space Okay layers, will...
  14. A

    Silver laced Wyandotte bully

    I was wondering if any one has had issues with silver laced wyandottes bullying. I introduced a couple silver laced Wyandotte six week old pullets to my other six week old ee pullets and one of my silver laced wyandottes started to chafe the other birds away from one of my water and food...
  15. ecb4156

    Names for a 10 week old EE

    Anyone have any name suggestions for a 10 week old grey Easter Egger? She was white as a hatchling so I named her diamond but as you can see it doesn’t suit her much anymore.. :/ thanks for the help :)
  16. Karridoll

    I am new to raising chickens! Do I have a roo?

    We purchased baby chicks about eight weeks ago and have three Buff Orpington‘s three Barred Rocks and three Easter Eggers. I’m thinking one of my Easter Eggers is a roo! What do you think?
  17. H

    What color eggs will a Cream Legbar Hen & Golden Cuckcoo Maran Rooster have?.

    I have Cream Legbar hens that were breed by golden Cuckoo Maran. I also have Americauna hens bred by a Golden CixkoC Matan. What color will the eggs be?
  18. Reptylee

    Silkie X Easter Egger Chick!

    So my wife and I tried to incubate maybe a dozen blue eggs from one if our EE hens that was mating with a silkie roo and we finally scored a fertile egg! Say hello to Hapa, our first hybrid chick. It seems to have some silver and gold coloration going on. I can't wait to see how it develops! <3
  19. T

    Hen or Rooster

    16 weeks old. No crowing yet. Not sure if this is a hen or rooster. I think it is a hen but not 100% certain.
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