easter eggars

  1. T

    Hen or Rooster

    16 weeks old. No crowing yet. Not sure if this is a hen or rooster. I think it is a hen but not 100% certain.
  2. Sarahndipity723

    Most prolific cold hardy BLUE egg layers pls?

    Hi Poultry people! Can anyone tell me which breed is the most prolific BLUE egg layer pls? Is it Ameraucana's? I live in Maine & it hits -20 here in Winter. Thanks!
  3. C

    What Breed? Ameraucana, Russian Orloff?

    Hey guys, I have a 6 month old hen and am not for certain what breed she is. I bought her from Rural King and she was sold as an Ameraucana. However, pics are below of what she looks like now. She looks like a spangled Russian Orloff to me, but bc they so rare I am hesitant to think thats what...
  4. DawsonsPeep

    Easter Egger Rooster - STUNNING feathers NOCO colorado

    Ugh, somehow Bun Bun and Monkey the Easter egger hens that we've had since hatch (hence the Easter inspired name) turned out to be a males. They are easy to handle as my 2 kids pick all of our chickens up and even posed with them for Christmas cards. They hasn't started to crow yet but are quite...
  5. Pixichicken

    New member with new EE chicks!

    Would love to see more pictures of ee chicks and mature ones as well!
  6. K

    Pullets or cockerels

    Cockerels or pullets ?
  7. ajohn0609

    Breed & Hen or Rooster?

    Hello my wonderful brilliant friends! I first want to start off with how glad I hav this wonderful community to turn to, it’s been amazing! Here’s my question, we got those little guys and were told they were Ameraucanas, I have read and read and I’m just getting more confused instead of...
  8. M

    Tsc baby chicks

    I recently ordered 10 Easter Eggers off of the tsc website without realizing I was ordering 10 males!!! How accurate is their sexing? Should I keep them until they’ve grown a bit to see if I by chance got a pulley or two? Or sell them now?
  9. chickadeedeedee

    Easter Egger mistake!

    Well we are having a time picking an Ee female chick from the sexed bin at TS. In March my granddaughter (5) picked out six female chicks, we really were hoping for an EE because of the various egg colors. As the chicks started growing I realized that this time we got an EE (sexed bin never...
  10. Cklass90

    Easter eggers have Combs? Close to laying?

    I have 2 Easter egger chickens which are 20 weeks old. I'm told one of the ways to tell if theyre getting ready to lay is how red their faces are...but I don't really know how red is red enough! Also they don't have combs? I have some younger chickens of different kinds and they all seem to have...
  11. colasurdo

    Pullet or Cockerel Easter Egger

    Hi! We have an Easter Egger that was supposed to be a female but we are becoming increasingly suspicious that she may be a he. Current age is 9 or 10 weeks. I found this older forum and it gave me hope that we might luck out in the end...
  12. M

    Easter Egger Gender?

    This EE was hatched May 6th. It is supposed to be a she, but her neck feathers seem long. As I understand EEs can be all over the place. What do y’all think? Boy or Girl?
  13. 3

    Ameraucana Or Easter Egger??? Please help

    she is about 2 months old. I’m not sure if she is an Easter Egger or an Ameraucana I’ve been told both by several ppl.
  14. thepinkcollie

    Best Hatchery's for Silkies and Easter Eggers?

    Hey. I am looking at adding more silkies to my farm along with a few Easter eggers and olive eggers. Does anyone know of any online hatchery's that ship and offer different color silkies along with easter eggers? I have looked at a few but the shipping is always more than the total of my chick...
  15. keithandeve

    Finally got some Bantam EE's!!!!

    I really just want to show off my new chicks, lol. I'll be asking about gender in about a month or so . Hoping for some ladies as I have enough roos . Does anyone have any pics of chicks that looked like mine but all grown up? I'm so excited!!!! Here are my chickies P.S. They are about 12...
  16. WafflesAndOmega

    Americana Cockrell?

    Hey y'all! I'm guessing my dark one is an ameracauna cockrell and my tan one is an easter egger hen. Am I right? Thanks for the help!
  17. chickmamat

    Ameracauna? Easter Egger?

    Hey all! My feed store sold this little lady (hopefully Lol) as an Ameracauna, but I thinking she might be an Easter Egger. I had read that EE’s get labeled A’s a lot. Thoughts? Her coloring wasn’t listed under the recognized A colorings I looked up. She’s two weeks old. When I first got her...
  18. Clucking_Caramel

    Vanilla hugs!

    I gave Vanilla some cuddles and she crawls on my leg! Later my step dad cradled and rocked her like a peep!
  19. Lauryn229

    Flying Easter Egger Chicks!

    My 10 week old Easter Eggers are so inseparable they will fly over anything to be together ! Here is a cute short video of one flying over the pool and landing in our hand. Usually she lands on our head Video link: They love each other so much! Millie & Greta
  20. m1chelle1

    Buff Orpington, Australorp, Jersey Giant, and Easter Eggers (Americaunas) together in one Flock??

    Hello BYC Family! I've got a pretty broad random question for you all. So I'm looking at raising a flock (from scratch) my last flock were sadly killed by coyotes while being watched by my parents while I was traveling for work :hit:hit...so im looking at starting a mixed flock this time...
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