1. mrsaubrey

    Amberlink Rooster Needs Home

    I have a beautiful Amberlink rooster who needs a new home. We want to keep him, but can't due to laws that only allow hens in town. He was sexed as a female, but clearly is not. He is a beautiful, healthy bird. I walk into the enclosure every day, multiple times a day to give treats and keep...
  2. MamaGer8ty

    3wk amberlink hen or Roo?

    Hello everyone! I didn’t realize that chicken math existed until we continued to buy more and more chickens. That being said, this little guy/gal is our 3 week old amberlink. That is what the sign said the breed is, but I don’t have a clue. This is our first go around with chickens and we love...
  3. S

    Amber Sex Link Rooster?

    Hi everyone my friend gave me this fella cuz they didn't want another rooster. But I was wondering is he actually a rooster? The rest of his flock I got him from were eaten. I'm glad I took him in my other 8 chickens are about 4 months old and they peck him so I keep him in house for now. He...
  4. AMBERLINK2.jpg


    This is our second Amberlink from this year's chicks! Her name is Betty.
  5. AMBERLINK1.jpg


    This is our first chick from our 2020 additions! One of two amberlinks. Our first white hens! Her name is Harriet.
  6. nszrmch

    Age of new chicks??

    Hi all! We just got some lovely little additions to our chicken family today! Two amberlinks, one production blue, and one rhode island red. Got them at the local feed store. They look bigger than I remember our last chicks from a couple years ago were.. I could be wrong but wouldn’t mind some...
  7. Spudlo

    New chicken mom and member

    3 Amberlinks are 6 months old laying large dark brown eggs, Wyandotte and Barred Rock 5 months and one is laying a very small light tan eggs. But the sweet sweet Silkie (Pearl) has all of a sudden started crowing, biting, and trying to mount the much larger Ambers! So Pearl seems to be Paul...
  8. Jzh0518

    Converted City Girl

    Hello all, My name is Joanna and I’m new to chickens and country living since 2017. From suburbia Greenville to NYC and then to rural Greenville I’ve finally found a slower pace once I get home and I love it! So chickens, brand new to them. Bought 4 Amberlink laying hens at 6 months old from...
  9. dirkapitation

    my big boye

  10. S

    Black sex-link pullet actually rooster??

    Couldn't find the exact month i bought our 3 black sexlink and 3 amberlink chicks at a Tractor Supply in spring, but they're all at sexual maturity now, though the hens haven't begun laying yet. However as the chicks matured, 2 began to display every male chicken characteristic, and yet every...
  11. TSArmendarez

    Is this a Sausage Party??

    Hey Y'all! Got these "pullets" back in the very end of March. 3 Black Aussies, 3 Amberlinks...supposed to all be pullets. I have one Aussie who is small, but ballsy as all get out, and with a flipped tail, and LOUD. She's also highly inquisitive. She talks the most smack all the time, and...
  12. S

    My cockerel needs a home!

    8-9 week old amberlink cockerel needs somewhere to go. Was supposed to be a hen and didn’t turn out that way.
  13. Cozy Yellow Chicken Coop!!

    Cozy Yellow Chicken Coop!!

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