golden laced wyandotte

  1. M

    Golden Laced Wyandotte Rooster

    We have a 14 week old Golden Laced Wyandotte rooster. We purchased him with our other pullets at one day old but it’s obvious now we have a roo and are unable to keep him. We would love to rehome him as quickly as possible! We are located in the greater Charlotte, NC area. I’ve attached a few...
  2. A

    Golden Laced Wyandotte Chicks!

    Today my dad and I were out at Tractor Supply running some errands. We didn’t expect there to be chicks there so late in the season, but there were over a dozen left in one container. One guy bought 10 since his flock of chickens are older and no longer laying. We started talking a Our flock is...
  3. Harley Chick

    First timer Hatch-A-Long

    Hello :frow wanted to jump right in! I will soon to be the proud mother of 6 polish eggs. Hoping to receive Khaki & Cuckoo colors? I have a broody hen right now, her name is Stella, she is a Golden Laced Wyandotte, fat and sassy and if memory serves me 2 seasons old. Never in my wildest...
  4. chickenfarming101

    3 Week old golden laced Wyandotte

    It's my first time getting Wyandotte's so I have no idea how to sex them. We got this one at a place that didnt take the best care of them, they said it was 90% pullets but I'm not sure how accurate that was.
  5. R

    Golden Wyandotte Chicks? Need help ID'ing and sexing two chicks

    Hey ya'll, We were under the impression that we purchased 3 Barr Rock baby chicks from TSC. There was an issue with one of their brooders so they had to shuffle chicks around and therefore all the signage didn't make it to the corresponding chicks. By order of elimination we felt that they were...
  6. colinpurrington

    Greetings from Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

    We adopted two hens a bit more than a month ago so I guess it's time to stop lurking on this site. Our adoptees are Ella (an "Easter Egger") and Cleopatra (a Golden Laced Wyandotte), but we have an order in for three Silver Laced Wyandotte chicks, ETA early December. Am currently building a coop...
  7. Lacie4weeks3.jpeg


    4 weeks I wanted to start tracking to hopefully help others out.
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    Golden laced Wyandotte
  9. L

    Barnevelder or golden laced Wyandotte?

    Hey everyone! I recently purchased what are supposed to be 3 barnevelder pullets from a local hatchery. I can't have a rooster where I live, so I'm a little obsessive watching them for any ideas of what they might end up being, and looking through all the photos online, I'm starting to suspect...
  10. Spellbound4u

    I need help sexing 5 chicks that are almost 8 weeks old!!

    I have numbered the chicks in the pictures. I need to sex 2 wyandottes, 2 california whites, and 1 lavender orpigton. Im pretty sure the lavender is a pullet. I am having trouble with the other 4 because i know california whites mature fast and have large red combs as hens too. And i know...
  11. Spellbound4u

    Best time to sex chicks by appearance?

    I am curious when the best time to post pictures of my chicks is. I need some help sexing them, but I don't want to try too early. I am already second guessing myself constantly lol my chicks are currently 7.5 weeks old. I have 2 California whites, 2 lavender orpingtons, and 2 golden laced...
  12. C

    Suspected ameraucana and golden laced Wyandotte roo

    We have 13 new chicks that are about 6 weeks old. I am suspecting that the ameraucana and golden laced Wyandotte might be roos. Would you mind giving me your opinion?? The ameraucana is bigger than all the others. S/he is sweet and non-aggressive although very independent (which is our...
  13. H

    Does Mating Hurt The Hen?

    Hi all! So I recently got a 5 month old Rhode Island Red mix rooster named Harvey from a rescue. He’s a very sweet rooster. He’s nice with people and the hens and is not aggressive. I introduced him to the hens yesterday and they largely ignored him but he tried his best to win them over. Today...
  14. S

    Southeast Indiana

    New to BYC. Southeast Indiana, Switzerland County, on the Ohio River and border Southwest Ohio and Norrhern Kentucky. Flock for sale. Golden Comet Hens-21 Golden Comet Rooster-1 Golden Laced Wyandotte Hen-1 Easter Egger Hen-1 Golden Comet Gold Laced cross chick (hen)-1 Royal Palm Turkey Hen...
  15. H

    Chicken Show Help!

    Hi all! I wasn't sure what what category to put this thread in so I just put it in this one. I'm interested in entering one or two of my hens in a poultry show. They are both very beautiful and have the right temperaments for it, I think. They are a Buff Brahma and a Lavender Orpington. I have...
  16. H

    Hen keeps getting bullied! Help!

    Hi all! I have a Golden Laced Wynadotte hen that has been being bullied by my other hens (Buff Brahma, Barred Plymouth Rock, Lavender Orpington and a Partridge Olive Egger) They have been pecking at her feet until it draws blood and she is limping heavily. They also sometimes grab at her neck...
  17. BY Bob

    Fluffy Butt Acres: Stories of our flock

    I have been wanting to do this for some time now. I knew once I started doing this there would be no going back. So I am now diving in and I hope you all enjoy coming along for the ride. First of all let me tell you how we view our flock as that will help you to understand why we treat them...
  18. samzoost

    Is a noisy chick an indication of a rooster?

    Hi! I have a silver laced wyandotte i recently got along with a silkie who had a broken leg. both are about one week old. the SLW loves to sing, though. I got her because i wanted the silkie to have a companion as she's probably going to be disabled for her whole life. i'm worried because she is...
  19. samzoost

    Sexing Golden Laced Wyandotte?

    Hello! I need help sexing my 6 week old Golden Laced Wyandotte. She/He was very outgoing from the start- liked to jump on my hand and peck at me. Super duper curious. Started out at the bottom of the pecking order but now they are all (I have 4) starting to mature and things are changing...
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