Expecting a hurricane

V Chic Chick

13 Years
Jan 11, 2007
Bristol, England
Normally we have a temperate climate - not too hot, not too cold - Goldilocks style. But tonight we're expecting winds of 70mph, gusting to 80mph, which is classed as a violent storm / hurricane. The chickens will be staying in the cellar from tonight until Tuesday morning, as the coop roof did once come off in winds somewhat less than this.

And the roof is in desperate need of repair (theoretically, we're having it reroofed later this year). I'm just glad that the new greenhouse hasn't been delivered yet.

Any advice?
Good luck to you! Only advice is to go around the garden and put away anything that could blow around -- chairs, buckets, picnic tables, potted plants, small children. I know someone whose trampoline travelled almost half a mile in a thunderstorm. And if you see your upwind neighbors have anything like that still out, suggest they put it away, unless you *want* to acquire the object by having it shot through your kitchen window at 20 mph

You sound like someone who is speaking from experience!

I've got the chickens in, they're going to be sharing about 1.5m squared of floorspace for the next 36 hours, but they have got some hay and grain to amuse themselves with. Luckily, there's not a lot that could move around bar the chicken coop, which can't go anywhere else TBH, and a few empty plastic plant pots which can't do any harm. Some reports are saying we might lose power as well :eek:
Winds that high can do an incredible amount of damage-stay away from windows and move to the cellar if it gets that bad. I have been in tornadoes and 1 hurricane. We had a tree go through a roof one time! Not fun! Stay safe and good luck!

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