Experience applying for a variance?

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Feb 28, 2011
Has anyone tried this with regard to raising backyard poultry? How did it go? What were the requirements? how long did it take? What was the outcome? etc...
What are your local laws? What are you trying to accomplish? Every city or county or development or community association can have their own laws, rules, and regulations. They are all different. You need to determine what the local laws are and go from there. And you may be under different jurisdictions. The community association may have theirs, the city or county may have theirs, and the state may have different ones, depending on what you are trying to do. There are different ways you can try this.

You can try to find out on your own. Your local librarian could probably help you find the rules and regulations. You'll have to read and interpret them yourself, but the librarian can probably help you find them.

You can call your county extension agent, in the phone book under county government. The agent probably will not know, but their job is more to help you find out. The agent should be able to find out who you need to talk to.

You can call the local government and ask. The person you are trying to find is the person that would be enforcing those laws. You can try the mayor's office, the county clerk, the information office if they have one. Calling the sheriff's office or police department and asking for the animal nenforcement officer is probably how I would approach it.

In some places, it is easy. In some places it is real hard to get a straight answer. Good luck!!!
$4-6k?!? that is outrageous. guess i'll have to look up the fee first and foremost.

the law says chickens must be 150ft from neighboring residences. i'm wondering (if i wind up buying a parcel with size/layout that doesn't allow for that) if i would be able to apply for a variance to, say, build a coop that is 115ft from my neighbor's house. i'm sure it would take a signed letter of acceptance from said neighbor, among other things.

is this a realistic use of a variance? i know people use them to build a higher fence, or put a garage in the setback zone. or businesses use it to hang a larger sign or..... just looking for success/failure stories with this kind of thing.

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