extra protein and now eggs...what's up?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by slg, May 23, 2010.

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    Not sure if this is the right forum...

    Chicken Noodle (New Hampshire Red) is about 9 months old -- great chicken, lots of personality. She and her two buddies (Betty - RIR; Harriet - black Australorp) get layer pellets, oyster shell, some extra greens and little scratch every day. They free range in our backyard for at least half the day. Noodle running around, eating. She did have cocci about 2 months ago (or at least that's when it got really bad) -- bloody poop. trip to vet; some baycox and she started to lay for the first time. She never has laid regularly -- some shell-less eggs; rubber eggs and maybe 1/week a thin-shelled egg. Also, they all had lice recently -- dusted with Sevin and DE.

    Had a little kitchen disaster so chickens ended up with some nice, grass-fed organic hamburger...they went nuts. Next day, Noodle laid an egg. So I gave them more. Rubber eggs next day. So have been giving them a little hamburger for the last three days. Just checked the coop and sure enough, another Noodle egg.

    So what's going on? Any way to tell if she will ever lay regularly? Will the extra protein hurt? How can I find out without another $200 vet bill?
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    It's actually encouraged/common to give extra protein to get them to lay.

    Was that the question?

    I'm not sure if they can have too much protein. Hopefully an expert can chime in.
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    I noticed that also after they stole some turkey while we were all eating out side, so I give them a mix of game feed 22% protein mixed with flock raiser 16% protein and oyster shell (free choice) and free range all day and little scratch and treats they seem to lay more regular with the game feed/mix
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    A little extra protein is good for increasing egg production, and good for molting birds, too. You can overdo protein, but in that case, probably your birds would start refusing it. If they free-range most of the day and the season is warm, they'll likely find all the extra protein they need from wild sources. Was your question about protein and increased eggs? Or was it about protein and soft eggs?
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    Quote:Question was about increased egg production -- know that the soft shells are probably lack of calcium. Seems they like the oystershell bowl really full -- and they eat more that way so hoping the rubber eggs will end. Guess I'll keep up with some added protein and see if they refuse it... Thanks for your help!

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