Extremely Sever Leg Mite and Infection

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    Jun 27, 2011
    Good Afternoon

    I am new to this forum and wanted to share my Scaley Leg Mite story as i've not read about anything this sever before and this might help others to treat theirs or hopefully not get this bad.

    I adopted some hens from someone who lives down the road from me who was downsizing.

    Amungst the group were two Black Rock hens.

    After owning them for a few weeks i noticed that both of them had scaley leg and mentally noted to get some spray and vaseline for them when at the feed merchants, none of my existing flock had had SLM.

    A week or so later when sat in the garden with my girls free-ranging i noticed that one of the hens was really uncomfortable on one of her legs. i got her in the kitchen and started the programme of warm salt water bathing of her legs and using a toothbrush to start to get rid of some of the hard black lumps on her legs. The leg she was uncomfortable on appeared to be swollen so i applied vaseline and did the other hen too and separted them from the others in a disenfected enclosure.

    Both hens were perky and eating well and laying every few days, but after a couple of weeks the one was still lame and not seeming to improve although the general condition of her skin on her legs was getting better, and her leg was still swollen.

    She had a particularly large black lump on one of her legs that felt like a huge scab and whilst scrubbing a bit more than all the advice i've been given, i revealed a scab with a lot of infection underneath it. she is also sore on her front where she has been laying down a lot.

    After soaking the leg and trying to pierce the scab to drain any infection off, i came to the conclusion that the scab was solid through and all infection had solidified and wouldn't drain. This meant only one thing, that scab had to come off !

    Obviously it didn't want to just come off like that, or i guess it would have done anyway !

    So i soaked for as long as possibly in a light, warm hibiscrub solution. Then used a gel that we use on the horses to maintain a moist sterile environment, put loads on, and wrapped it with a sterile dressing, cling film and then vet wrap, to try and moisten the scab as much as possible.

    I left this on for a day, and she was no more uncomfortable with it on than off.

    Come the end of the day i removed all the dressing, soaked the leg some more and started to lift the scab away......... when i saw how deep the scap and infection went in to her leg i did think that i would have been better off humanely destroying her...... i also felt a little bit [​IMG] - but the hen had made it this far right, and she looked really well in all other ways, so i grew some and picked the scab right off in one! Kill or cure.

    When off you could see the extent, she was left with a flesh wound that started at the front of the leg, went right around the back of the leg and all around the little toe at the back. The would is about half way in to her leg and literally makes it look like half the leg is missing, you can see some tendon and other bits [​IMG]

    So, she is now sporting another large dressing and vet wrap and is in isolation with a broody silkie who's quiet and happy to sit around.

    My plan is to keep the wound wet for a couple of days and then remove the dressing and spray with Terramycin and get it to dry up.

    I'm happy to report that she was up and eating as usual this morning so that was a relief.

    If anyone has any advice for me on hpw to continue treating the would, or if i'm doing the right thing, that would be great.

    Like i said, i've not had any experience of SLM before and i'm totally playing it by ear.......

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    WOW sounds like you did a fantastic job !!!


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