Eye dilated, again!

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    Jun 14, 2008
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    I'm 34 and super nearsighted. About 2 weeks ago I noticed a weird speck in my eyesight, so had it checked. Doc said it was a benign floater-type thing.

    Today in my follow-up a different doc said basically the same thing, but gave me alot more info. He said that it's likely the beginnings of vitreaous detachment, which everyone gets at some point. Normal part of aging, except most don't get it until their 50s or older.

    Lucky me.

    There's no real threat to my eye health, though it can cause retinal detachment. I'm keeping at eye on the situation, so to speak!

    Bummer that I had to get my eye dilated again. I have to go back in another month and I suspect they'll dilate me. Again. That'll be 3 times in 6 weeks!! [​IMG] At least this time it's just the left eye rather than both. I probably look like a cartoon character.

    Don't you think "Mismatched Pupils" would be a good band name?
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    MisMatched PuPiLs. HAHAHAHA! Good Lord woman! Eat more carrots!!!
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    Mismatched pupils can signify drain bamage [​IMG]

    Hope your eyes work out well. I don't have the best of vision either.
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