eye infection?

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9 Years
Mar 13, 2010
I have a hen that appears to have infection in her eyes..........
They are swollen and there is a white film?
I have used warm packs a couple of times a day and neosporine...
It seemed to be responding but now the swelling around the eyes is worse.
No other symptoms..she goes out with the others after I use the warm wash cloth
and I see her eat..but she is dumpy.
Finding a vet to treat chickens in my area is not easy.
Actually, I have not found one.
I would appreciate any in put or help.
could be anything from corza to CRD...tylan 50 (available at tractor supply) about 1 cc for three days will help bring them around (.5cc if its a bantam). You can do this as a shot however you can even put it down their throat. Even some electrolytes/vitamin supplement in the water wouldnt hurt. Good luck!

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