Eye issues


7 Years
Mar 30, 2012
I wonder if anyone has any idea what I could do to help. My rooster left eye is swollen and watery. It's not leaking any kind of colored fluid just runny clear. The eye is open but the surrounding is swollen over the eye with just a bit of the eye showing:( What can I do? What the heck could have happened? It's been like this for a few days. I was waiting to see if it would get better or worse. Seems to be staying the same. He's crowing, eating and running around like normal, other than the eye. Any ideas on how to help him?
Some more information would be nice. Even picture of the eye and one of the face as a whole would be really good.
Right away, I would suggest putting some triple antibiotic ointment (like neosporin) in his eye. MAKE SURE it is the ointment WITHOUT pain killer. NO PAIN KILLER, NOT the PLUS.. Just plain triple antibiotic ointment. Put it in his eye twice a day. Be sure to avoid cross contamination. Use a Qtip to get it in one eye and then use a NEW Qtip to get a drop of the ointment in the other eye. This will help heal any infection that might be in the eye. It could help save the eye depending on whats wrong with him.
Sorry I haven't had time to get back on here. Thank you for the tip. The day after I posted this his eye cleared up! I guess I just have to post my problems here and they heal up,lol Now though he can fully cock-a-doodle-do(for lack of a better term that is escaping me right now). It's like it get stuck in his throat and he can't fully finish? I'm wondering if he had some sort of cold type virus? The other chickens seem perfectly fine though.
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