eyes swollen doesnt want to move

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  1. cheatham

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    Apr 4, 2008
    cheatham county
    i have a chicken with one eye swollen shut and it doesnt want to move. dont know what to do
  2. mmajw

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    Jan 31, 2008
    Make sure it is seperate from the others and give electrolytes and keep it in a quiet dim area.
  3. spaka74

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    ive got the smae problem with my serema, it looks like hesbeen punched in the eye,
    i washed it out in plain old water, then washed in over with baby wipes, (he didnt complain so nor did i or should i say eye? [​IMG]) and then i swabbed out the eye area, it looks a bit better, but id advice seperation, cus if youv got any big chickens they are likely to have caused it.... did with me.... tis frustrating indeed
  4. Kimber

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    Jul 23, 2007
    SW Florida
    oh man, one of 'em is competely blind, he's all puffed up and pooping clear liquid....................I'm gonna have to cull it.....................................

    What's the best way to do THAT?
  5. PeeperKeeper

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    isolate chicken
    force elctrolytes ( may use 1:1 fruit juice / water)
    rinse eye with eyewash (found at drug store) or a boric cid eye rinse.
    Polyvisol vitamins one dropper full.
    read this:
    Hope its not what I told you to read!

    Is there a swelling of gray eye membrane or just bubbly watery discharge?
  6. spaka74

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    is that the polite term for killing?

    ive had to do that with a few of my chickens, its sad really....

    i dont do it though, my dad does, all i know is do it fast befor it suffers any longer,
    dont be like me and think it could suddenly recover....

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