Failing to Thrive Polish chicken


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Apr 12, 2021
Sacramento Area, California
Well I have a confusing Polish boy and I’m not sure what to do about him! So his name is Macky and he’s 13 weeks old and part of my 6 Tolbunts group. I gave him and his brother to my broody silkies, and kept the three girls and the tweener that ended up a boy…inside with me. This is relevant to mention so that you know there isn’t likely an outside factor to his issues.

So Macky was growing fine like all the others, was healthy, ate, drank, explored with the silkies and his brother…up until week 8. Around week 8 I noticed that he was way behind in feathering and seemed sort of isolated. He would chicken…just usually on his own away from most of the group. I have watched him eat, drink and poop, and everything seems normal! Except he’s not normal. At 13 weeks he lays around a lot, walks like he isn’t very strong and balanced, and spends a lot of time alone. I have upped his protein, I have wormed him, I have given him vitamins B and E and let him get sun for some Vitamin D. He’s not deathly skinny like his sister that died (she was an indoor chick for the first 8 weeks that I think was being bullied away from the food) but very small compared to his brother (see picture) that lived outside with him. His eyes are clear, he squawks when unhappy, and eats and drinks. It just seems like he’s on deaths door and every day is the same. He will sit in your lap, you can carry him around with one hand, and doesn’t seem to have interest in anything! Anyone had a case similar? I don’t know what else to do for him cuz he’s not sick as far as I can tell🤷🏼‍♀️ He’s a weird little bird and I just don’t know what to do with him! 🫣


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He might be getting picked on by his brother. A pecking order has to be established, even with roosters.
On a side note; have you inspected him for lice/mites? What did you worm him with?

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